ALM and BPTWrapperTest

Problem : Unable to run a few tests in ALM 11 that were executing before the upgrade

Solution: The reason is named “BPTWrapperTest” that takes a BPT test - downloads all its components - and generates a single QTP “BPT Wrapper” test to run.

Why?: BPT performance issues that were seen in QC10.
Issues: Mostly data related tests break when running BPT in ALM11.

Workaround: Disable this feature from the System Registry and modify the registry key value of UseBPTWrapperTest to ‘N’.

Here is the path of the registry key in Windows 7/ iSpace:
Win 7/ iSpace == HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Wow6432Node >> Mercury Interactive >> Test Director >> BPT >> UseBPTWrapperTest

Dont like the workaround?:

Change Environment(“TestName”) to Environment(“ActionName”)

DataTable.Value(“test”) to DataTable.Value(“test”, Enviroment(“ActionName”))

Tip: The only reason you are not able to not find the BPT path in the registry is that you are not looking in the right place. Check for the 32/64 bit OS path

Patch that might help - QTP_00709


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