Skillset - Firefox OS Test Automation Engineer

Note: the Skillset category is just to gauge where you stand in terms of the skills required for the role

The Mozilla test automation infrastructure runs hundreds of thousands of  tests on every code push. And we have hundreds of pushes a day. Our infrastructure tests everything from performance to rendering
correctness to platform robustness. We are expanding that infrastructure for Firefox OS, which involves porting existing harnesses, creating new ones, adapting infrastructure to work with the
new platform, debugging and triaging failures, and striving to meet the test automation needs of a dynamic and growing development organization.

As part of the Automation & Tools team, your work will involve crafting and troubleshooting the next generation of test automation for our Firefox OS product. This includes Marionette, our  WebDriver-inspired remote test driver. Your responsibilities will include adding new features to Marionette, debugging Marionette-related issues, and developing new ways to leverage this and other tools in test automation for Firefox OS. In addition to that, you'll be involved with developing methods to run our automation at very large scale, and debugging problems related to having that infrastructure operate in a very sizable and distributed fashion. You'll be working with automation involving Firefox OS emulators, real hardware, reference boards, and desktop simulators. You'll also be working with the entire automation team to improve our existing test frameworks, porting them to Firefox OS where appropriate, developing new test harnesses, and debugging automation failures of all kinds.

Our job number one is to save core Mozilla Development and QA teams' time by giving them the information they need and automation they can depend on.

Our ideal candidate will have:

* Superb Python skills (including low-level python: c-types, sockets, threading etc)

* Great JavaScript experience, perhaps with Mozilla extensions or Node.js

* Proven work in designing and implementing test and/or build automation and related tools

* Incredible debugging expertise with a track record of successfully debugging application and OS level issues

* Experience and familiarity with mobile operating systems/constraints such as Android, Windows Mobile, and/or iOS

* Stellar intra- and extra-team communication skills

* A passion for learning new things, and the adapability to be effective in a fast-moving environment

We'd also like to see:

* Selenium WebDriver experience

* Demonstrable C/C++ (or some relevant low-level) coding expertise

* Web Technology and Web Programming knowledge

* Make experience

* Open Source Involvement


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