Useful Firefox add ons for Software Testing

I have recently been testing a lot on firefox  and that led me to find a few Add-On's which can make our testing smarter and faster!

After exploring further here is a list in no particular order , just depends on what your intent of testing is:

1. YSlow with FireBug: YSlow gives the no of page components for a particular page with Response time for each. It also gives grading and summary of what things are required for good performance.

2. Tamper Data: Used for web security/penetration testing. Install this feature and tamper the data/request/cookies being sent to the server. Check for client side and server side validation.You can security test web applications by modifying POST parameters.

3. SQL Inject Me: SQL Inject Me is used to test for SQL Injection vulnerabilities. The tool works by submitting your HTML forms and substituting the form value with strings that are representative of an SQL Injection attack. The tool sends database escape strings through the form fields. It then looks for database error messages that are output into the rendered HTML of the page.

4. Groundspeed : Groundspeed allows input validation testing from the top-down, starting at the web application interface level instead from the HTTP protocol.
Some of the practical uses of groundspeed include changing hidden fields, select drop down lists and other fields into text fields, removing size and length limitations on input fields and modifying JavaScript event handlers to bypass client side validation without actually removing it.

5. iMacros :iMacros can be used for Automating, for checking and for security testing and to create load on a web server, for the purpose of load testing.
Record the actions of a webpage and run it in loops for creating users, subscribing for newsletters, adding friends, sending invites and other actions that you want to perform on a daily basis like firing up all the bookmarked webpage’s

6. Web Developer :You can check what is inside the forms without reading the source, modify form content easily etc. It also shows different kind of information about page, and you can disable e.g. cache from drop down menu.

7. XSS Me :  Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a common flaw found in today's web applications. XSS flaws can cause serious damage to a web application. Detecting XSS vulnerabilities early in the development process will help protect a web application from unnecessary flaws

8. Mustat: it is analytic tool that gives information regarding the domain in terms of IP address, No of servers, visits/day/week/month, SEO performance , traffic, page rank etc

9. Regular Expression Tester : This small add-on allows you to test your regular expression. The tool includes options like case sensitive, global and multiline search, color highlighting of found expressions and of special characters, a replacement function incl. backreferences, auto-closing of brackets, testing while writing and saving and managing of expressions

10. Flash Switcher : If you are involved in testing Flash Applications, than this little add-on is extremely useful to test your flash application on various versions of flash players.

11. HttpFox : This add-on is an amazing tool if you want to dig deeper into http request / response and analyze all the traffic. Using this add-on, you can get information about request / response header, sent and received cookies, Querystring parameters, POST parameters and Response body.

12. LinkChecker : This is a very simple tool to check if there are any broken links on the web page. It highlights all the links in various colors to show if they are broken or not

13. View Dependencies : This is an extremely useful add-on if you want to figure out what are all the files / images etc. are getting downloaded for every page, how much time they are taking and many such details

14. Page Speed: It is a Firebug-integrated FireFox extension recently open-sourced by Google. Page Speed is designed to analyze website performance and offer suggestions on how to improve page load times.

Thats about it , there are many more but these were the best of what I thought there were.
While doing some research I found two really good mindmaps from Moolya:

Firefox Add-ons :

Chrome Add-ons:

Happy Coding!


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