Striving for an award in software testing

This was an interesting award I recently found out. When I read about this award , I wondered something that most of us would - wouldn't it be great if more of us aspired to be the person named in the winning category for any contribution to the software testing world.

While we are all not in a position to do that , especially given that this is an award specifically for the Australian testing community. We can always strive to be among the ones who can nominate ourselves for any such software testing award:

If you are in Australia, I would urge you to nominate yourself for the "The Australian Software Testing Awards"

The awards are presented in three categories:

1. Individual Contribution
Awarded to candidates who have demonstrated outstanding contribution to the software testing and assurance discipline, either within their organisation or more broadly to the Australian software testing community.

2. Best Project
Awarded for a project within an organisation which has demonstrated outstanding quality and testing outcomes. This project should indicate how quality and testing has contributed to the success of the project.

3. Best Process Improvement
Awarded to an organisation which has demonstrated improvement in quality and testing processes throughout the organisation or across a range of projects and programmes. The improvement can be across a range of areas, including organisational structures for testing and assurance, governance, team development capability, and technical delivery of testing activities such as test design, automation, performance testing and environment provision.

Judging Process
Australian Software Testing Awards are judged by a panel of industry experts. This application form is just part of the judging process. Judges may request any or all of the following in order to review nominations:

- A face-to-face or telephone interview
- Supporting documentation
- References or referee contact information

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