Object Identification issues with Reflection Sessions

If you are using QTP and Reflection sessions for the first time

What you will notice:
  1. Whenever you open Reflection Sessions using QTP, it stops recognizing the objects viz. TEWindow, TEScreen etc.
  2. But when we open Reflection Sessions manually and then spy, QTP recognizes objects correctly
What can be done to avoide this issue:
    1. We open reflection before launching QTP (yes thats an exception)
    2. To connect/disconnect the reflection session you can use below statements:

      Set objReflection = GetObject("H:\Sessions\REF2011-PersonalCommunicationsIcons\TSYS.rd3x") ‘the path will change as per your scenario

      objReflection.Connected = 0

      objReflection.Connected = 1
    3. Additionally we keep only one session open in reflection window
Happy Testing!


  1. Anonymous30/9/13

    Hi Aditya,

    e too have same problem in identifying the objects with QTP11 for reflection,
    [ While recording objects were identified with TE but in playback they are not identified ]
    And we could not be able to follow the steps provided,

    Please help us in knowing the process and if possible provide me your phone no, so that I can call you.

    Thank you:
    Vasu Cheemakurthi


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