What is SAP TAO?

  • SAP TAO is an automation testing tool released by SAP in integration with focus-frame.
  • TAO (Test Optimization and Acceleration) is designed for SAP GUI based applications integrated with SOLMAN (Solution Manager) and HPQC
    • SOLMAN Provides the necessary tools around the Implementation, Operational and Optimization aspects of your SAP Application life cycle.
  • The two add-ins that are mandatory for TAO to be functional are "SAP" and "Web".

Where does QTP fit in?
  • SAP TAO wraps up QTP and QC and QTP acts as execution engine, test scenarios are created and driven from QC through business components. 
  • SAP TAO helps in automatic generation of test components for end to end scenarios.
  •  QTP and SAP TAO are really good when it comes to automation the  only challenge is  installation.
  • installation process consisting of four areas
    • Quality Center – This will host Quality Center software, patches, add-ins and SAP Adapter
    • SAP Back-end systems – This will host the SAP TAO agent.
    • Solution Manager – Quality Center Adapter has to be installed on solution manager. The per-requisites solution manager support pack levels also have to be met
    • Desktop –The desktop should have SAP GUI, QTP, and TAO installed on it
SAP TAO Modules
  1. Connect :-Connect module is used to establish a connection between SAP and Quality Center
  2. Inspect :-It contains two tabs, Inspection and UI Scanner.
    1. With the help of inspect option we can generate components locally.
    2. Upload the Components to Quality Center
  3. Consolidate :-This option helps us to consolidate all business process or components into single component for fast execution of test script
  4. Import/Export :-Use the Import/Export settings to designate a path for transferring components from SAP Quality Center to an SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization client.
How do you automate?
  1. Open SAP TAO, establish a connection between SAP and HPQC from Connect tab
  2. Use the Inspect module to specify transactions that you need to create a test script
  3. Select the screen no. which you want to automate and click inspect button. You will get the message “Inspection done” on task-bar and that component is transferred to HPQC BPT Module
  4. Log on to HPQC. Select the project . It should be the same which you have selected in TAO Connect module
  5. Drag and drop the transactions in the order that they occur in the business process requirement
  6. Parametrize the data in the SAP TAO Excel spreadsheet or the Quality Center database (Test Plan)
  7. Execute the test script and review it for any discrepancies

Installation of SAP Quality Center Adapter Note1059350 and Note1285941
Installation of SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization Note1231935 Note1341244
Information and Guides for SAP TAO SAPTAO-1, SAPTAO-2


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    There isn't any good book that I have heard of but these are excellent resources to start off with:

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