World Tester's Day - 9th September

Surely every day is Tester's Day, but it feels good to have a special day that can make us testers around the world share and collaborate and feel proud to be one. Now this is the second year in a row that I have been celebrating this day. If you haven't heard about tester's day then read this ! It is 68 years since the first bug was found , beat that for a metric in software testing :) I feel proud to be a testing professional and have had my own reasons to do so. Shall not ponder over that here, not on the "Tester's day".

I have been celebrating this day in a better manner now with a good bunch of like-minded testers and colleagues in the testing community. I thought why not write about what would be the best way to celebrate a day like this
Here are my few cents:
  • We started off with a simple idea of creating a badge that read “Proud to be a Tester” and some that read “Official _______ Tester” where the blank was filled with the specialized skill the tester had. For instance automation/performance/Game/mobile/database and so on…
  • If the audience isn't large you can get t-shirts printed instead of wearing those badges.
  • Apart from that we have some good fun-facts about testing that were pasted all over the premises including breakouts and washrooms.
  • We also had quizzes and puzzles related to different fields in testing that ran throughout the day.

Would love to hear from other testers around the globe , how they celebrate this day?!

Happy Tester's Day ! Keep finding those bugs...


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