MongoDB and QTP

Problem: Tried connecting QTP with MongoDB [No SQL database]?

  1. You can connect to MongoDB using .net/java languages since there are drivers for it.
  2. In QTP (VBScript) you can then call those drivers. 
  3. You can create a java jar which exposes methods like connect, execute, disconnect etc on MongoDB and call them from vbscript.


1. Get a Code snippet in Java where it connects with Mongo DB,Insert/Select/Update..etc

2. Run the below code which will then give the result in a file.

Systemutil.Run "cmd.exe"
Window("object class:=ConsoleWindowClass").Maximize
window("object class:=ConsoleWindowClass").Type "cd\Test Result"
window("object class:=ConsoleWindowClass").Type micReturn
window("object class:=ConsoleWindowClass").Type "java -classpath C:\Users\Ady\Desktop\QTPMongo\bin;C:\Users\Ady\Desktop\QTPMongo\lib\mongo-2.10.1.jar com.jpmc.cfp.mongo.MongoSearchMain> output.xls"

We can customize the output based on our need and improve the script based on the use case


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