Open ppt in two windows / extended windows

So here is a strange post. I was creating a deck for one of the upcoming conferences and I work on a dual monitor. Since I had done a similar talk before, I wanted to quickly refer the same.

The Problem: Cannot open two instances of ppt , for comparison / editing.

Why?: Natively PowerPoint is a single instance application (you can only have
one running instance at any time).

Workaround? : If you want to edit both the presentations on two different monitors:
 you wouldneed to:
  1. Open both the presentations
  2. Restore the main power-point window
  3. Now stretch the main window across two monitors 
  4. From the ribbon /menu go to View | "Window" | Select  "Arrange All" to arrange your open presentations side-by-side.
 That is some testing with power-point :) 


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