How to change QTP / UFT Insight image during execution?

If you have started using UFT then I am sure you would have at-least given this feature a try:

UFT Insight = Image based identification

 Mandatory /assistive/smart identification does not work in Insight
Ordinal /Visual relation identifier do

Insight objects contain the image either internally (when created during record or learn) or by supplying an image using the ImgSrc property
Descriptive programming:


InsightObject.SetTOProperty "ImgSrc", "C:\Image.jpg"

Options for Insight Object are at Tools>Options>GUI Testing>Insight. This pane enables you to define options that customize how UFT handles Insight test objects

Hope you got enough insight, Happy Testing!


  1. Can you please let me know how to find out the path where Insight object images are saved in hard drive ? I checked in Test-> Snapshots folder but it has .rar files

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