Testing Job Market in Australia

Since I have been in Melbourne for a while now and mostly I get the same questions about what's the job market in Australia like?

Here are my few cents:
  • The job market is improving for software testers and quality engineers; however, the skills and experience needed to get hired have changed. 
  • It is more common, at least where I'm geographically located, to see companies hiring testers with specialized skills like automation/performance/security (Not that manual testers are not needed but the ratio of jobs are lesser)
  • People ask for local experience but if you are good there is no one stopping you from getting the first break
  • There are two major domains to look out for here: Finance and Betting (Doesn't matter what you get into they have many similarities when it comes to testing and automation)
  • I can advice people with automation skills that if you are relying only on the next three alphabets here : QTP then you better add more opensource tools like Selenium Webdriver to your profile. The world here is mostly open source and that's the way to go!
  • Last advice from me is that If you think you can get a job sitting back in your country , then you are wasting your time. There are many locals here who have almost the same skills as yours and are available at a very short notice. 
I think I have covered the basics here, If you are looking at specifics feel free to drop a comment here.

Happy Testing :)


  1. Thanks aditya....appreciate your time...keep coming back to expat forum...to share your knowledge...for some more time...


    1. Hey Vinay,
      Thanks for the message. I have been banned from expat, when I posted this link there, they call me a spammer for that! :)
      Best Regards,

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