Book Review - Selenium WebDriver Practical Guide


In the past few automation years (years where you have new tools that create a big bang effect) everyone wants to know what is it that the open-source world has to offer via Selenium WebDriver.

Whether you are new to automation or you are someone who has dipped his feet using other tools, want to know more about:
  • How does WebDriver fit into an agile /Continuous Integration environment?
  • How Selenium WebDriver is able to automate the testing on multiple browsers?
  •  Are there common tips that can be used while automating your scenarios?
  • How do you create a test automation framework that has a collection of libraries and answers to all other business needs?

How the book is laid out:

It starts with the evolution of selenium and how it got its name, touches upon the bare minimum basics of the tool using Java. This is great, since the hardest thing about starting an automation project is often getting your basics right. The examples in the support files and downloads help you to quickly get into the meat of how you can achieve the same in a real-time project.

Since it’s basically a collection of topics, one doesn’t have to read the book in order. Each chapter starts with a background to what you will grasp by the end of your reading.

What I enjoyed:

I liked most of the chapters that cover advanced topics dwelling into problem solving patterns like the page object model. Since I have been using WebDriver for quite some time now, they really helped me to understand refresh using test automation in a fast paced agile/CI environment. Apart from that it has bonus chapters on leveraging the testing of iOS and android applications.

Who this book is for

If you are a quality assurance/testing professional, software developer, or web application developer looking to create automation test scripts for your web applications, this is the perfect guide for you! As a prerequisite, this book expects you to have a basic understanding of Java programming, although any previous knowledge of WebDriver or Selenium is not needed. By the end of this book, you will have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of WebDriver, which will help you in writing your automation tests.

Verdict: A must-buy for any person who wants to learn selenium WebDriver! 


  1. Hi,

    Please share the link where can i purchase or landing page for book or some website related to book.

  2. Hi Arjun,

    Have a look at this page
    That should help you purchase a copy.



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