Test automation in Australia

So now that I have seen the testing market for sometime in Australia , here are pointers for job seekers in the test automation world:

  • First impressions of the testing markets will seem promising only if you have a good skill-set 
  • There are only two strong domains here Banking and Gambling
  • Most popular test automation tool - Selenium WebDriver
  • Most Popular language - Java followed by C#
  • Most projects claim to be 
    • Either Agile or partially cooked Agile projects
    • Have a BDD way of testing/development
    • Most Important (Automation or Want to get there too)
  • If you are an automation engineer who knows QTP well then the bad news for you is it might not fetch you too many job interviews as this is a market filled with OpenSource tools.
  • Test Automation here  = Web + Mobile (and sometimes + Performance Testing)
  • The Companies here are small and hence prefer not investing too much into testing. So be ready to learn a lot of opensource test management tools that you might have not used in the past.
The bottom line being that any testers looking to get their hands dirty with test automation in Oz should be:
  • Able to deliver quality automated solutions using Java/.Net 
  • Have an ideal exposure to continuous integration tools. 
  • Web and Mobile go hand in hand.
  • Get yourself acquainted with atleast one of the following Selenium Webdriver / TOSCA 
Feel free to add more to this list. I shall update this post with time. As they say Change is the only constant in technology space.


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