Appium: Fail could not start script target application is not frontmost

I am guessing you are reading this post because you see this error even though you followed every single step religiously from the Appium API reference doc.

We are or were in the same boat!

First check

  1.  Have you started the ios-debug-webkit-proxy on port 27753 after connecting to the device ?
  2. Can you see the terminal where you started the  ios-debug-webkit-proxy showing pages that you navigate on your device
  3. If its started, can you connect to http://localhost:27753 on your local browser and browse the device and the pages currently active on the device ? This will ensure that appium is able to reach the device and talk to safari through the remote debugger
  4. Lastly your desktop Safari should also be running with Developer mode enabled. (Web inspector should be enabled)
If you are still facing the same error after all the checks then we do what we do on windows:
Close all prompts and restart the Mac and reconnect J

You will now see that it works like a charm :) Happy Mobile Testing!


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