Check dependencies code sign error OR Could not read CFBundleIdentifier from Info.plist

If you are working on Appium and you have followed these step to get an error

Now that you have a profile open a terminal and run the following commands:
Just cloned SafariLauncher Running Xcode version 5.1
I entered my provisioning profile and my code signing identity
Clicked build I got this error  error: could not read CFBundleIdentifier from Info.plist (null)
Did a clean and rebuild but got the same error
Did a clean and built from ./ and got the same error

Go to Xcode open the project
  1. Navigate to the Build Settings
  2. Change the Code Signing Identity with your name and iPhoneDeveloper
  3. Change the provisioning profile to the correct name 

4.  Check if the Bundle Identifier isn't empty


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