How to create a new Apple APP ID and select the WildCard App ID option and set it to “*”

An application ID uniquely identifies your iOS application within Apple's application services - enabling you to use things like in-app purchasing, push notifications, game center and more inside your app.
You can only create application IDs in the iOS developer portal. So first you would need to log-in with a developers access.
  1. Once you're logged in, choose the "Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles" link
  2. On the next screen, choose the "Identifiers" option on the left
  3. Now you can click the "+" icon near the top right to create a new App ID
  4. The first thing you're asked to do is provide an App ID description (Just provide something descriptive enough for your needs)
  5. You have two options here. Pick the one that says - Wildcard App ID 
    1. Choose an App ID Suffix as “*”
  6. Select App Services if needed
  7. Complete and submit to get a message – “This App ID is now registered to your account and can be used in your provisioning profiles


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