Mobile Test Automation - iOS / Android / Windows + Real Device / Emulators + Instrumentation?

I must admit that even though I was a test automation fanatic, in the past I had been running away from the mobile automation space. Finally the race is over and the obvious has happened, the mobile devices have won!

I started playing around with tools that support iOS and android platforms and found that  there are quite a few out there.All with promising abilities but a lot of communication gap.
Conclusion: Mobile automation is where Web automation was say 7-10 years back but with a more definitive approach. The good thing is that slowly but steadily there are communities building around them, but a few tools stand out as always.

Note: Before I start off I would like to mention that the information here is based on trying to use these technologies firsthand and might not be 100 percent accurate. It is also based on various blogs, articles and websites that I read while evaluating the mobile testing frameworks and tools.

My Verdict: 

From my experience, automated testing for mobile devices has a long way to go.But there are tools like Appium and SeeTest that do what you need covering almost all platforms and having a good user community. It's just a matter of commercial v/s opensource that you would need to debate between the two tools and of-course SeeTest has a lot of promising features that seem to be really good!

Happy Mobile Automation! You shall regularly see me posting about mobile testing now ;)


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