How do I get my Nexus 7 to show up in the adb devices list ?

  • Nexus 7 that I'm trying to connect to Windows computer for automation over adb
  • No device driver for nexus 7 ?
What did not work:
  • I did click on the build number 7 times to get the developer options enabled
  • Tried connecting both as a Media device (MTP) and as a Camera (PTP). ("Connected as a media device" up at the top left corner, de-selecting Media Device (MTP) and then checking Camera (PTP).)
  • downloaded this usb driver:
  • Go to the device manager , right click the nexus device and choose properties, choose "hardware" and then choose update your driver , choose manualy and pick the folder you opend the zip file to and press apply.
What worked for me:

The universal adb driver installer worked for me. Download the universal driver exe Run with the device connected and it will give you an option to install.
Install that and you will now see the option on your tablet to connect to the computer :)

Update: What worked on Windows 8.1

If the device is listed in Device Manager as Other devices -> Android but reports an error code 28:
  • Google USB Driver didn't work for me. You could try your corresponding OEM USB Drivers, but in my case my device is not listed there.
  • So, install the latest Samsung drivers: SAMSUNG USB Driver v1.5.33.0
  • Restart the computer (very important)
  • Go to Device Manager, find the Android device, and select Update Driver Software.
  • Select Browse my computer for driver software
  • Select Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer
  • Select ADB Interface from the list
  • Select SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface (this is a signed driver). If you get a warning, select Yes to continue.
  • Done!

Happy Android Automation!


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