Performance testing with Selenium Webdriver - Navigation Timing API

In continuation to my previous post on performance testing with Selenium Webdriver , I found the "Navigation Timing API" the best way as it has loads of parameters that we can slice and dice the way we want to get different performance parameters like:

"Total Time:"+(loadEventEnd - navigationStart)/1000 + " seconds"+ "

"Server Render Time: "+ (responseEnd - requestStart) + " milliseconds"

"User Experience: "+ (domComplete - requestStart) + " milliseconds"

"Network:"+ (connectEnd - navigationStart)/1000 + " seconds"

"Server:"+ (responseEnd - requestStart)/1000 + " seconds"

"Browser:"+ (loadEventEnd - domLoading)/1000 + " seconds"

The properties you can play with are:

The meaning of these events is described in Microsoft's performance.timing documentation and more formally in the W3C Recommendation.


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