Modify the IP headers on the iPhone / Bypass or change the ip on any device

Problem: If we need to test an application which is outside the network or with a different IP address how do we do that? we need to be able to use a proxy server that bypasses or replaces some properties that can be then used to modify the way the application is accessed.

Here is an example of how to do that on an iPhone (You can do this for any device) :

  1. Go to settings in iPhone and modify the manual IP address. Give it the same IP address as that of the local machine where the proxy server would run and select a valid port : say 8080
  2. To set the IP headers or proxy download the Burp Free edition from here:
  3. Go to the Intercept tab and make sure it is off.
  4. Go to Options tab and edit the Proxy listeners to local ip of the machine:
  5. Scroll down to Match and Replace Pick a Request header not in use and modify that:
    In our case “Client-Version” to
  6. Now check the HTTP history tab to confirm that the header is replaced while surfing applications.


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