Unable to charge the iPad using USB

Now here is a scenario where I am automating applications on an iPad. The iPad is connected to the usb port of a machine which has all other testing devices connected.

Problem: There is a known issue with iPad not charging and if you search forums you will notice the solution that says "Charge via a wall outlet if your computer USB port does not support high power output...most older computers do not have high power USB ports, and some of the new models still lack those ports."

This was not a viable solution as I had multiple users accessing this machine and the test devices had to be plugged into the system round the clock.

Solution: What I finally did and that helped -

ASUS came up with a software to deal specifically with charging issues related to Apple devices. It works by simply increasing the USB port’s power output.
This should work with all motherboards and computers (Windows platform only) as claimed by ASUS.
Step 1: Download the software from here ASUS Ai Charger
Step 2: Unzip the downloaded file “AiCharger_V10006_XpVistaWin7.zip” and run. At the end you will be prompted to restart your computer.
Step 3: Once the computer has been restarted, you should now be able to see the ASUS Ai Charger icon in your bottom-right taskbar.
Happy iOS testing!


  1. Anonymous10/12/14

    Thank's for your finding.
    I could see that you work with QTP/UFT, do you plan to try UFT with solution for mobile?


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