Gatling v/s Jmeter - Performance testing for free!

Why Gatling over Jmeter?
  • Gatling’s clean DSL API (written in Scala) as opposed to the Jmeter’s XML
  • High performance - Gatling uses asynchronous concurrency (Scala, Akka, Netty) and asynchronous IO.
  • Gatling is more modern and viable alternative, it appeared on ThoughtWorks technology radar in 2014.
  • [Gatling jenkins plugin] ( can help to visualize the mean response times:


  • Load testing tool - core engine is protocol agnostic
  • Record, Edit DSL, Launch 
    • Decompress the Gatling bundle and drop simulation files into user-files/simulations folder. 
    • bin/ will compile and run the simulation files
    • gatling-maven-plugin
  • Analyze Reports over a period -
    • Scenario - written as scripts in conjunction with a DSL
    • Simulation - how new virtual users will be injected
      • stdUser.inject(atOnceUsers(2000)), admUser.inject(nothingFor(60 seconds), rampUsers(5) over (400 seconds)), advUser.inject(rampUsers(500) over (200 seconds))
    • Feeders - inject data from an external source


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