Repost: Angular + Protractor + Sauce Connect, Launched From Gulp, All Behind A Corporate Firewall!

You didn't think it could be done, did you?

Well, let me prove you wrong!  First, some terms:
  • AngularJS: An MVC framework for JavaScript, allowing you to write web apps without relying on JQuery.
  • Protractor: A test harness for Angular apps.
  • Sauce Labs: A company providing cloud services to help you run E2E testing on your web app in any environment combination.
  • Node.js: Package manager for JavaScript.  You’ll need this for installing all the dependencies to get this tool set working.
  • Gulp: A build manager and mundane-task automator.  Competitor with the older, well-entrenched Grunt, but gaining popularity by the hour.  Uses JavaScript syntax, but could theoretically be used as a Makefile or shell script replacement.
Here is how:


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