Web Accessibility Checker Addons

I was looking at web accessibility tools and a Google search gave me some really interesting blogs posts like:


But the tools that impressed me the most were:

1. WAVE http://wave.webaim.org/
2. Google Analytics Debugging Tools https://developers.google.com/analytics/

The best thing is both these tools work as add-ons therefore work as part of the browser (allowing us to access internal websites)
My favorite has been GA debug and here is why:
  • They have the extension/add-on for both Chrome (official) and Firefox (unofficial)
  • Google developer console will be able to log (record) every hit (pageviews, screenview, event, transactions etc.) that you send to Google Analytics server. You will also be able to see error messages and warnings related to your tracking code in the console. 
  • It has its own API which has immense stat tracking power (This works from any browser) 
  • The information you collect is substantial. Every call is logged along with every parameter.
  • The data collected by Google Analytics is also logged.
  • You can see the Property ID, the URL of the pageview, the domain and referring URL.
  • You can also QA campaign information, such as source, medium, content and term. 
  • You will be given information on Events, including Name, Type, Label and Value.
  • Your Custom Variables will be listed, complete with Label and Scope.
  • It’ll disclose what you are reporting to GA Ecommerce Tracking.
  • The official Google Analytics Debugger extension for Chrome provides the same functionality without the need to code for it.
  • Preserve log upon navigation
  • Comes along with Tag Assistant - The tool not only finds the various tags installed on a web page but also report implementation errors and suggest fixes by providing links to help documents
  • Comprehensive reports on Accessibility, Network Utilization and Performance:
  • Also has a github repository : https://github.com/keithclark/gadebugger


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