Setup github within a company's firewall

If you have installed gitbash or windows git setup and are getting the 443 or 407 errors everytime you clone you are on the right post:

Steps to solve the issue:

  1. You will need to update the git config with proxy settings
  2. To do this find your proxy and port using this post here :
  3. Alternatively you can also look at the proxy settings/LAN settings to find this http://wpad.[domain]/wpad.dat 
  4. Paste http://wpad.[domain]/wpad.dat in the browser and you will have a text file in which you can find the proxy:port for all domains used by your company
  5. In your gitbash run this command :
    1. git config --global http.proxy http[s]://userName:password@proxyaddress:port
    2. git config --global http.sslverify false
  6. If you get this error - could not resolve proxy some@proxyaddress:port. It's your password having an @ symbol in it.
    1. Encode @ in your password to %40 because git splits the proxy setting by @

git config --global http.proxy http[s]://userName:password(encoded)@proxyaddress:port

That's your solution right there! 
It never felt so good to clone repos before this :)


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