LeanFT = QTP/UFT + Continuous Integration + Agile + Opensource in the HP world

Can you believe that HP has come up with this new tool/plugins that they call LeanFT, obviously the name suggests that it's the lean way of doing functional testing. Let's see what they claim:

Key Highlights and what's good:

  1. Automation in Java or C# - definitely something that most automation folks were looking forward to
  2. Compatible with UFT's object Identification engine- hmm :)
  3. Continuous Integration - Has integration with Jenkins 
  4. Supports BDD tools like Cucumber/Jbehave
  5. Integration with SCM tools like Git/SVN
  6. IDE would be your standard Eclipse / TFS
  7. Same reporting as before but with all of the above
  8. Unit testing frameworks like JUnit/ Nunit
  9. Integration with other HP tools -  HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP Quality Center, and HP Mobile Center.
Interesting fun facts:
  • QTP's Object spy from Visual studio/Eclipse
  • Free license if you already have the UFT 12.5 license
  • customized html reports
Release Date: July 2015 along with UFT 12.5 and BPT 12.5

Source : HP Discover


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  2. Thanks so much Ady for the detailed info :)

    Gaurav Sapra

    1. Cheers Mate! Glad you found it useful.

  3. Hi Aditya,

    Glad to see your post on LeanFT. It would also be helpful to your readers who use HP UFT (HP Testing Tool suite) to know about QuickLean - An automated migration tool which helps convert test assets in HP UFT to HP LeanFT. You can get more details on www.quick-lean.com or email quicklean@gallop.net for details.


    1. Thanks Subhendu,
      I like the information and look forward to seeing this in action.

      Best Regards,

  4. eswar5/8/15

    Hi ady, please say... Whether LeanFT is alternative to Selenium all components or to Selenium WEbdriver only?
    And it is allowing java but where is scope of non-windows platforms compatability...

    1. Hi Eswar,

      LeanFT works straight out of Eclipse or TFS, which implies you have Java/C# as your programming language. It uses selenium as its API for web applications and UFT as its API for thick client apps.

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