Facebook Infer - Detect bugs before you ship

What is Infer?
An Opensource tool to detect bugs in Android and iOS apps before they ship - http://fbinfer.com/

Documentation (Getting Started Guide) - http://fbinfer.com/docs/getting-started.html

Quotes from "Peter O’Hearn" - engineering manager at Facebook
  • When you have to write a software test, often you are going after a specific bug. That means you’ll need to exercise all of the funny cases that will get you to that bug. Static analysis allows you to execute the code symbolically
  • It’s important to know that while things like Infer have made us faster and more successful, they’re not pieces of the Facebook competitive differentiator
  • another huge benefit of open source is in recruiting. By showing you can open source stuff if you built it at Facebook, then you get excellent, independent engineers who don’t require as much ramp up time, since they’re used to working on these open source projects. So there’s far less training.




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