LeanFT - Proof of Concept

Findings and POC for using LeanFT as part of the Contentious Integration build:

  1. LeanFT uses the UFT SDK 
  2. Allows coding your tests in C# and Java in your favorite IDE (documentation is focused around Visual Studio and Eclipse)
  3. Any add-in can be automated Standard Windows, WPF, .NET, Mobile etc..


You should now see: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\LeanFT\bin

Browser Prerequisite:

  • In the Firefox browser menu, select Add-ons and then click Extensions. Drag the Agent.xpi file from the%LeanFT%\Installations\Firefox folder to the Firefox Extension page and click ‘Install now’.
  • If you are testing against Chrome ensure the LeanFT plugin is enabled from Chrome Settings -> Extensions.
  • With IE, go to Settings -> Manage Addons where HP Functional Testing Agent must be enabled.
Download the sdk jars/dll:

SDK reference:


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