Install Node.JS and npm behind a firewall / company proxy - Galen Framework

Problem: Unable to install npm behind the proxy

Solution: Similar to what we did when we installed git behind a company's firewall we shall edit the config settings for Node

  1. The best way to install npm is to install node using the node.js installernpm is installed as part of node.
  2. The problem occurs when you clone the Node repository from Github
  3. npm uses a configuration file and it can be added to via the command line npm config set ...
  4. To get packages behind a proxy
    1. npm config set strict-ssl false
    2. npm config set registry ""
    3. npm config set proxy http://"username:password"@proxy:8080
    4. npm config set https-proxy http://proxy-server-address:8080 
Update: Try changing to npm config set registry ""


You can skip the username password and just hardcode the proxy and registry URL so that npm wouldn’t have to look for it, so in the end, I had an .npmrc that looked like this:

proxy=http://proxy details:8080
https_proxy=http://proxy details:8080

And If you are installing the Galen Framework on Windows just like me then use the manual installer:


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