Selenium 3.0 will be out soon!

For anyone who is interested:

In 2016, the Selenium Project is working hard to (finally!) ship 3.0.

Join Simon Stewart on May 25, and discover:
  • What will this release contain
  • What impact will it have on your test runs
  • How can you preserve your existing investment in tests using the Selenium WebDriver APIs, and your even older RC tests
  • Looking forward, when will the W3C spec be complete
  • And what can we expect from Selenium 4

Speaker: Simon Stewart
At ThoughtWorks, Simon invented WebDriver. At Google, he became the lead of the Selenium project and built the infrastructure required to run millions of browser-based tests every day. At Facebook, Simon advocated for a monorepo, setup the mobile end-to-end testing frameworks, and lead the Buck build tool team, all of which helped slash the time from code to release.


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