The weird reason I learnt about Docker: Video recording embedded in Selenium Grid reports

From my earlier post "Docker + Compose + Selenium Grid = Automation awesomeness!" you would have seen that "video recording" was the reason that made me stumble upon Docker.

So what options do we have when we want to accomplish videos embedded in our html report when playing with Selenium Grid.

  1. vnc2flv
  2. Monte
  3. avconv
Here is a docker image that supports vnc recording:
Another really good docker image with selenium grid sample tests:

The recording option used here is avconv:
  • Which is a child of ffmpeg
  • the only one that supports mp4 format
  • Therefore can be easily attached to a HTML5 webpage
To read more there is an excellent blog poast from the github page:

Other Docker images that support windows and Unix:

Selenium in Docker with Chrome & Firefox plus video recording support


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