A curated list of the best Software Testing Blogs

Here is an amazing list of testing blogs:

Note: This is a work in progress and I will keep adding more blogs as I find them. It is on git-hub so people can share and contribute.


Here is a snapshot from github:

All possible Good Testing blogs



Individuals/Group Contributors



# names

A names

B names

C names

D names

E names

F names

G names

H names

I names

J names

K names

L names

M names

N names

O names

P names

Q names

R names

S names

T names

U names

V names

W names

X names

Y names

Z names

Individuals/Group Contributors

A individuals

B individuals

C individuals

D individuals

E individuals

F individuals

G individuals

H individuals

I individuals

J individuals

K individuals

L individuals

M individuals

N individuals

O individuals

P individuals

R individuals

S individuals

T individuals

U individuals

V individuals

W individuals

Y individuals

Z individuals


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