Advanced Code Search GitHub - search powershell extension

Problem: Search GitHub for powershell code with certain commands

Example: searching the DNS Reverse Zone "- Get-DnsServerResourceRecord "

Solution: Use the advanced search where the extension is ps1

Get-DnsServerResourceRecord extension:ps1

The Advanced Code Search is a whole new way of discovering some of the best code samples

What you can bring into a mix is "Working in this language" option

Read more at cool searching options here:

Happy Searching!


  1. Anonymous1/9/16

    As of the last 12-16 hours, this doesn't even work anymore unless you specify a user, repository or organization to search in for code searches..... which makes this almost useless unless you already know where to find it.

    1. I just used it this morning, here is an example:
      Set-DnsServerResourceRecord extension:ps1

      This looks up all code with extension ps1 and search keyword "Set-DnsServerResourceRecord"

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