Some of the coolest visualizations in the programming dev/test world

Here are a few interesting visualizations that I found while doing research for my talk about testing Insights, also included are the ones that I did not end up using:

  • Open source contributions by location
  • GitHut - is an attempt to visualize and explore the complexity of the universe of programming languages used across the repositories hosted on GitHub.
  • Who speaks what on GitHub?

  • Visualization 1 is a chord diagram, which indicates the relationship between all possible combinations of programming languages. This data was computed by creating all possible pairs that could be created using the list of 20 languages I have analyzed. By analyzing the combinations, and the number of users that speak both of the languages in question, we get a good idea of what languages are spoken most, but also which languages are 'spoken' quite a lot, but not in combination. It gives a different perspective of the user-language landscape on GitHub.

    Visualization 2 makes direct use of the structure of the MySQL database I described in the section above. It allows you to search for a particular username and find out which languages this users speaks. While not very revolutionary, it is a very natural and logical way to query the data I obtained.

    Visualization 3 is the exact inverse of the second visualization. It offers you the capability of finding users that speak a given combination of languages. This may be useful if you're looking for a specific skillset for a project, and are looking for someone to help you out.

    • Community Over the past year, GitHub partnered with, held, and sponsored events all over the world. At Patchworks we watched new developers learn how to use Git. Our ConnectHome partnership provided low-cost internet access for families living in HUD-assisted housing. Sponsoring events like Rails Girls and hosting our own conferences allowed us to meet more GitHub users than ever before.

    • Newcomers This year GitHub grew by more than 5.2 million users and 303K organizations. We have more new students, developers, and businesses using GitHub than ever before.

    • Organizations With almost 80M total Pull Requests on GitHub, we know that 85% of all requests for change come from within organizations.

  • Tabs or spaces. We are going to parse every file among all programming languages known by GitHub to decide which one is on top.

  • Programming language associations - Mapping organizations with projects on GitHub to their respective programming languages
  • Analyzing emotions in texts based on the occurrence of expressions 

  • Amount of profanity in git commit messages per programming language

StackOverflow questions tagged v/s  Ranking the popularity of programming languages

Projects using the fork to pull paradigm

Happy visualizing!


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