Exploring Gwen Continued

Continuing from my previous post  and after attending the meetup last evening I decided to put in a few hours to see what the tool had to offer.

Opensource is wonderful and when it's in the test automation space and from the city you live in it gets even better!

The tool is quite intriguing.

Let's explore:

Github page: https://github.com/gwen-interpreter/gwen-web

See also:

Install by downloading the zip or using maven: https://github.com/gwen-interpreter/gwen-web/wiki/Installation

Add the gwen.properties file in the users home directory
This makes it a lot more easier to use.

Here are a list of supported properties: http://htmlpreview.github.io/?https://github.com/gwen-interpreter/gwen-web/blob/master/docs/conf/gwen-web-settings.html

Choose the browser from the properties file

Use the -r option to create reports
Moore options here https://github.com/gwen-interpreter/gwen-web/wiki/Gwen-Web-User-Guide

Use the --parallel option to run tests in parallel
gwen --parallel   .. 
Configure the gwen.rampup.interval.seconds runtime setting. If you set this value to 5, the staggered execution will look like this:
|< 0 secs >|<-- --="" 1a="" feature="">|<-- --="" 1b="" feature="">|..
|<----- 5="" secs="">|<-- --="" 2a="" feature="">|<-- --="" 2b="" feature="">|..
|<---------- 10="" secs="">|<-- --="" 3a="" feature="">|<-- --="" 3b="" feature="">|..
|<--------------- 15="" secs="">|<-- --="" 4a="" feature="">|<-- --="" 4b="" feature="">|..
This brings us to a very interesting question: Should we do codeless automation?

Here are some experts on the same:


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