This week - Programming Turns 70

April 12th, 1947: ENIAC, the world's first general-purpose programmable electronic computer, ran the first code written in the modern paradigm, marking the birth of computer programming as a profession.

This first test code ran computations for the hydrogen bomb.
ENIAC could perform complex coded operations like loops, seen today in languages like JavaScript, Ruby and Python.

These first professional programmers were all WOMEN, a fact that took 50 years to be recognised.
Coding ENIAC to solve a single problem would take weeks. Today, you can build a website in a matter of hours!

Apple II at 40: Explore Mac History
On April 17, 1977, the Apple II computer was unveiled. 40 years later, your browser can load and run Classic Mac OS, its successor’s operating system, in seconds.


  1. This is a new revelation for me that the very first developers were women. It is a very interesting information that you have shared in the post.


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