What is test sharding?

Test sharding allows you to evenly divide up your tests into groups. The shard index is which "percentage" group you are running.

How the groups are divided is arbitrary as the point of sharding is to parallelize your tests.

Generally used in the context of android:

Here is the code that shows test sharding for android devices:

androidtestlib/src/com/android/test/runner/TestRequestBuilder.java - platform/frameworks/testing - Git at Google

android / platform / frameworks / testing / 2fe8aed7542ee05ce504d69656475d1948e9c5b2 / . / androidtestlib / src / com / android / test / runner / TestRequestBuilder.java

Another example of test sharding:

Another context of where you would hear this term is mongodb:

Sharding Concepts - MongoDB Manual 3.0

Operational Segregation in MongoDB Deployments


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