GitHub - Embed or add images to .md files

If you are looking to insert images in your .md file on github there is no direct way.

Here is the trick to do get an embedded image

In most cases your CDN assets do not, however, need to be version controlled. And while Amazon CloudFront or Akamai offer great CDN solutions, such approaches
(a) physically separates your repository from your images, and
(b) becomes an upload and maintenance PITA when you have a simple set of static assets.

So the summary advice is:

  • Do not try to add your images to the repository itself and then use a reference to a raw path.
  • Do not worry about deploying your static images and other file attachments to Amazon CloudFront or Akamai

  1. Click on Issues tab: Create an issue with title appropriate to the context of your images 
  2. Create a new issue You can drag-n-drop 1 or more images onto the Leave a Comment box and those files will be instantly uploaded to the hidden GitHub asset manager. 
  3. After each upload, GitHub will update the text the markdown link to the image 
  4. After your submit the new issue, you will be able see recently attached image(s) rendered correctly. And finally, you can copy the URL with a right-click on the image 
  5. Finally add the image like this: ![1]( Source:


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