Applitools raises $8 million AI powered computer vision / JIRA gets a new exploratory testing tool

Applitools raises $8 million for its quality assurance computer vision

Software testing company Applitools has raised $8 million for its technology that uses computer vision to recognize changes to websites or mobile apps like typos, missing icons, or other content. Developers using Applitools can catch mistakes or spot variations between version history or web browsers.

Tricentis reveals first JIRA testing tool, enabling agile teams feedback

Tricentis has released its first exploratory testing tool for Atlassian JIRA's testing industries, enabling agile teams to keep pace with accelerated release cycles and for faster feedback on quality matters. Focusing on quality, testing times and resources, the software testing company will help agile teams reliably deliver comprehensive feedback on applications under test, whilst providing a flexible pace with constant change.


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