Coypu - magic for Selenium

Coypu is an advanced wrapper for Selenium. Coypu supports browser automation in .Net to help make tests readable, robust, fast to write and less tightly coupled to the UI.

If your tests are littered with sleeps, retries, complex XPath expressions and IDs dug out of the source with FireBug then Coypu might help.

As coypu has evolved over a period of time, the tool understood the pain points of selenium testers, hence you don’t really have to think of
  1. Creating browser object and working with different browsers
  2. Finding controls by complex Xpaths, CSS etc

Coypu is

  • A robust wrapper for browser automation tools on .Net, such as Selenium WebDriver that eases automating ajax-heavy websites and reduces coupling to the HTML, CSS & JS
  • A more intuitive DSL for interacting with the browser in the way a human being would, inspired by the ruby framework Capybara -

install nuget package Install-Package Coypu

Documentation for the coypu automation:!/Packages/Coypu/Coypu/Scope/M/FindField


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