.gitignore templates for all programming languages

Problem: Trying to find the best .gitignore for C#


GitHub has a complete "Collection of useful .gitignore templates".

The .gitignore for Visual Studio can be found here:

.githubadding a template to help streamline review processa year ago
GlobalOptionally add log files to Vagrant and improve file's comments2 months ago
Actionscript.gitignoreAdd FlashDevelop and executables to Actionscripta year ago
Ada.gitignoreensure single trailing newline3 years ago
Agda.gitignoreCreate Agda.gitignore4 years ago
Android.gitignoreIgnore dictionaries to reflect docs5 months ago
AppEngine.gitignoreAdded template for Google App Engine3 years ago
AppceleratorTitanium.gitignoreAdded Appcelerator Titanium .gitignore file.5 years ago
ArchLinuxPackages.gitignoreAdd .jar, .exe and .msi2 years ago
Autotools.gitignoreautotools.gitignore: add missing files10 months ago
C++.gitignoreadded prerequisites for C and C++a year ago
C.gitignoreUpdate C.gitignore9 months ago
CFWheels.gitignoreadd cfwheels gitignore7 years ago
CMake.gitignorecmake: add Testing/ log directory7 months ago
CONTRIBUTING.mdAdd an explanation to reduce PHP framework clutter2 years ago
CUDA.gitignoreAdd CUDA.gitignore2 years ago
CakePHP.gitignoreUpdate CakePHP.gitignore2 years ago
ChefCookbook.gitignoreRemove lockfiles from Chef template3 years ago
Clojure.gitignoreAdd .gitignore for Leiningen projects6 years ago
CodeIgniter.gitignoreMerge branch 'master' into codeigniter3update6 months ago
CommonLisp.gitignoreUpdate CommonLisp.gitignore7 months ago
Composer.gitignoreIncorrect Dir Path2 years ago
Concrete5.gitignoreAdded .htaccess to concrete5 gitignore2 years ago
Coq.gitignoreAdd mllib, mlpack files10 months ago
CraftCMS.gitignoreRemoving .DS_Store rule as it is included in global rules3 years ago
D.gitignoreUpdate D.gitignorea year ago
DM.gitignoreensure single trailing newline3 years ago
Dart.gitignoreUpdate Dart.gitignore5 months ago
Delphi.gitignoreAdd "__recovery" folder.2 years ago
Drupal.gitignoreIncorrect file path2 years ago
EPiServer.gitignoreensure single trailing newline3 years ago
Eagle.gitignoreupdate Eagle.gitignore for .lck2 years ago
Elisp.gitignoreadd final newline9 months ago
Elixir.gitignoreUpdate Elixir.gitignore10 months ago
Elm.gitignoreIgnore elm-stuff project-widea year ago
Erlang.gitignoreUpdate Erlang.gitignore11 months ago
ExpressionEngine.gitignoreMerge pull request #488 from nanadevelopment/eeConfigAdd4 years ago
ExtJs.gitignoreUpdate ExtJs.gitignore9 months ago
Fancy.gitignoreensure single trailing newline3 years ago
Finale.gitignoreensure single trailing newline4 years ago
ForceDotCom.gitignoreensure single trailing newline4 years ago
Fortran.gitignoreLink a new fortran template to existing c++ one3 years ago
FuelPHP.gitignoreupdate FuelPHP.gitignore3 years ago
GWT.gitignoreAdding ".gwt/", "gwt-unitCache/", "www-test" and ".gwt-tmp/" to .giti…4 years ago
Gcov.gitignoreCapitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting3 years ago
GitBook.gitignoreCorrect URL for NPM URL reference3 years ago
Go.gitignoreAdd plugins for Mac.6 months ago
Gradle.gitignoreOnly ignore the build directory in the same directory as .gitignore f…a year ago
Grails.gitignoreAdding additional comments3 years ago
Haskell.gitignoreIgnore .ghc.environment.*5 days ago
IGORPro.gitignoreCreate IGORPro.gitignore3 years ago
Idris.gitignoreAdd an Idris gitignore3 years ago
Java.gitignoreAdd comment for Java .class files5 months ago
Jboss.gitignoreDeployed file ignore4 years ago
Jekyll.gitignoreAdd .jekyll-metadata to default Jekyll .gitignore2 years ago
Joomla.gitignoreUpdate Joomla gitignore7 months ago
Julia.gitignoreJulia: ignore deps/deps.jla year ago
KiCad.gitignoreFixed/Added ignore rules7 months ago
Kohana.gitignoreensure single trailing newline4 years ago
LICENSEUse the exact CC-0 license text9 months ago
LabVIEW.gitignoreLabVIEW.gitignore3 years ago
Laravel.gitignoreMerge pull request #2192 from Arsfiqball/update-laravel-patch-26 months ago
Leiningen.gitignoreCorrect .jar and .class mentionsa year ago
LemonStand.gitignoreensure single trailing newline4 years ago
Lilypond.gitignoreAdd ignore file for lilypond.7 years ago
Lithium.gitignoreThe Lithium app should be the root repo folder5 years ago
Lua.gitignoreAdded a .gitignore template for Lua based projects.3 years ago
Magento.gitignoreFixes issue excluding sub directories5 months ago
Maven.gitignoreReword comment5 months ago
Mercury.gitignoreMercury.gitignore: Add Mercury.modules3 years ago
MetaProgrammingSystem.gitignoreGrammar/formatting tweak to comments3 years ago
Nanoc.gitignoreNanoc: Mention nanoc.yaml rather than config.yaml9 months ago
Nim.gitignoreCreate Nim.gitignore3 years ago
Node.gitignorefix(Node): ignore yarn logs6 months ago
OCaml.gitignoreAdd ocamlbuild and oasis generated files to OCaml .gitignore3 years ago
Objective-C.gitignoreupdated link to fastlane docs5 months ago
Opa.gitignoreAdded Opa.gitignore6 years ago
OpenCart.gitignoreexcluding vqmod cache files and logs9 months ago
OracleForms.gitignoreadded gitignore for Oracle Forms development5 years ago
Packer.gitignoreAdd a support for packer3 years ago
Perl.gitignoreMerge pull request #2036 from sammysfo/patch-16 months ago
Phalcon.gitignoreRemove trailing asterisks in Phalcon rules3 years ago
PlayFramework.gitignoreAdded /project/project to PlayFramework.gitignore5 months ago
Plone.gitignoreCovered by global vim template4 years ago
Prestashop.gitignoreUpdate Prestashop.gitignore2 months ago
Processing.gitignoreAdded the processing project4 years ago
PureScript.gitignoreAdded .gitignore for PureScript2 years ago
Python.gitignoreConsolidate all environments in one section2 months ago
Qooxdoo.gitignoreAdd gitignore for qooxdoo apps7 years ago
Qt.gitignoreadd object_script to Qt.gitignore2 months ago
R.gitignoreAdd knitr and R markdown patterns to R.gitignorea year ago
README.mdMerge pull request #1424 from github/reduce-noise6 months ago
ROS.gitignoreRemove unnecessary rules3 years ago
Rails.gitignoreDouble-asterisk misuse4 months ago
RhodesRhomobile.gitignoreAdd Rhodes mobile application framework gitignore7 years ago
Ruby.gitignoreAdd a brief explanation.a year ago
Rust.gitignoreAdd rustfmt gitignore (#2108)10 months ago
SCons.gitignoreAdded SCons.gitignore4 years ago
Sass.gitignoreAdd slash to .sass-cache2 years ago
Scala.gitignore[Scala] remove external tools excludes.5 months ago
Scheme.gitignoreAdd Scheme.gitignore2 years ago
Scrivener.gitignoreAdded .gitignore for Scrivener4 years ago
Sdcc.gitignoreensure single trailing newline4 years ago
SeamGen.gitignoreUpdate SeamGen.gitignore5 years ago
SketchUp.gitignoreAdd gitignore for sketchup backup files.6 years ago
Smalltalk.gitignoreAdd Smalltalk gitignore2 years ago
Stella.gitignoreCapitalise initial letter in template filenames for consistency/sorting3 years ago
SugarCRM.gitignoreensure the following ! rules are included2 months ago
Swift.gitignoreupdated link to fastlane docs5 months ago
Symfony.gitignoreRemove Composer's file and directory.5 months ago
SymphonyCMS.gitignoreadded symphony and workspace/uploads dir5 years ago
TeX.gitignoreAdd pdfpc files to Tex.gitignore4 months ago
Terraform.gitignoreIgnore terraform module directorya year ago
Textpattern.gitignoreAdded Textpattern gitignore6 years ago
TurboGears2.gitignoreAdd for TurboGears2 (based off of Python template)7 years ago
Typo3.gitignoreFix few typos2 years ago
Umbraco.gitignoreClean up expired entries, fix whitespace.2 years ago
Unity.gitignoreremove extra line5 months ago
UnrealEngine.gitignoreAllow PakBlacklist-*.txt files inside Build dir5 months ago
VVVV.gitignoreensure single trailing newline3 years ago
VisualStudio.gitignoreMerge branch 'master' into tabs-studio2 months ago
Waf.gitignoreWaf: Be more explicit in patternsa year ago
WordPress.gitignoreWordPress: Only ignore files in root to support other plugins2 years ago
Xojo.gitignoreIgnores *.xojo_uistate3 years ago
Yeoman.gitignoreCreate Yeoman.gitignore4 years ago
Yii.gitignoreMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into pr/5064 years ago
ZendFramework.gitignoreadded doctrine 2 orm default cache and proxy locations2 years ago


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