Microsoft releases fuzz testing service for public use

What is it?

Fuzz testing (i.e. fuzzing) is a software testing technique that consists of inputing invalid, unexpected, or random data into to a computer program, to check whether it will crash, show memory leaks, etc. In short, it’s a shortcut for finding bugs that, if missed, could result in serious problems down the development road, as well as security problems for users.

What did Microsoft release?

Earlier called Project Springfield

Microsoft Security Risk Detection

Security Risk Detection is Microsoft's unique fuzz testing service for finding security critical bugs in software. Security Risk Detection helps customers quickly adopt practices and technology battle-tested over the last 15 years at Microsoft. READ SUCCESS STORIES How does Microsoft Security Risk Detection work?

How does it work?

Built on Azure and powered by artificial intellingence, Microsoft Security Risk Detection aims to uncover bugs and vulnerabilities in software before it is released or before it is used.

What it could do?


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