Canopy - F# is the new C# in the F#rictionless web/mobile testing world

is a new web testing framework for F#, for UI testing. (C# friendly )
There is also a Canopy testing framework for mobile apps -

  • Solid stabilization layer built on top of Selenium. Death to "brittle, quirky, UI tests".
  • Quick to learn. Even if you've never done UI Automation, and don't know F#.
  • Clean, concise API.

Canopy's API
  • Actions: documentation of everything you can do on a page
  • Assertions: all the ways you can verify what's on the page is correct
  • Configuration: configure and fine tune canopy
  • Testing: different ways to orchestrate tests and troubleshoot issues with a page
  • Reporting: different ways to output the results of your test suite
Canopy Examples -

Documentation available at

Getting started kit available at

Real world examples available at

Some C# examples available at


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