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Do you want to test your responsive website on every possible device but just worry about automating one.

Found a bug the front-end guys need to fix? The hassle of remembering how to do a screenshot on a particular mobile device, getting it off the device and firing up your image editor to do your annotations has finally ended:

Take a screenshot directly from within Ghostlab, annotate it in the integrated image editor and drag it to JIRA or whatever bug tracker you use. Easy as that. Works for any device.

  • Connect any number of browsers and devices, and Ghostlab will keep them in sync through navigating, scrolling, filling out forms and any other interaction.
  • Get to the bottom of any CSS problem fast by inspecting any connected client. DOM modifications can be propagated to all clients – this is synchronized inspection.
  • Ghostlab keeps track of changes to local files and refreshes them on all connected clients. If you are using preprocessors like Sass or TypeScript, Ghostlab compiles them for you.
  • Use the handy QR code to connect a mobile device.
  • Out of the box, it supports Haml, Pug (Jade), Sass, Less, Stylus, TypeScript and CoffeeScript, and it includes an auto-prefixer for CSS files
  • Ghostlab can also run your own shell/batch scripts when a file has changed.
  • Automagic form filling - Fill forms automatically with a simple shortcut, a form field at a time or an entire form at once. A great timesaver whenever you need to test forms.
  • Test multiple language versions or staging vs. production environments in sync!
  • Presentation mode for teams - Define master devices for presentations sessions, or use selective sync to configure synchronization for your purposes.

Synchronized responsive testing, development, inspection | Vanamco

Save time with synchronized responsive testing across browsers and devices. You can remotely inspect any device, and integrate with your dev workflow.


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