Machine Learning or Automation? Exactly my thoughts!

Perfect start to Monday! Quick read that syncs the idea of how AML would be used in shaping the future of software testing:

Machine Learning or Automation: What's the Difference?

There's a lot of buzz in the tech industry, especially with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming more mainstream. While many professionals understand that these technologies will make their jobs easier, or even take over certain tasks, there's also a lot of confusion: machine learning, automation - what's the difference between the two?


  1. HI Ady,

    Thats a nice kickstart to know basic difference between ML and Automation
    I understood on a high level Automation will perform tasks which we have coded whereas Machine learning analyzes data and predicts the operation intended to perform ( if Algorithm knows the operation it will perform otherwise algorithm uses it as training datasets)

    Can you correct me if am wrong and i would like to know QA in role in ML which is a subset of AI

    1. Spot on Rakesh, ML as you explained learns and evolves to improve the alogorithmic maturity, the latter is more predictive analytics (changing the course of action based on big data)

      To understand more I would recommend to look into Tensorflow or MLJAR
      The most common algorithm used in ML is regression and is a good start to play with.
      Hope this helps :))

  2. New to the concept... getting to know the details...

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