What was once seen as a bottleneck will now become a ‘corkscrew’

One last blog post before the year ends and we start a new beginning in the testing world, this article sums up where testing is headed to!

Complexity, testing and its impact on innovation in 2018

Commercial industry has been fundamentally changed by digital technology. The most revolutionary organisations, like Uber and Netflix have shifted the goalposts, moving entire businesses online and introducing accessible, engaging and immersive consumer experiences. And, while tech innovation has historically happened at a discrete product or operational level, today it's taking place across an entire business - and beyond.


  1. Hi Ady,

    Could you please explain skills/ techniques need to be equipped as a QA/ QA automation guy for the below VR, AR, AI ,machine learning, Chatbots and voice enabled technologies

    One good point in the article we as QA need to strong hands in devops activities enhances our skill to next level

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