Why did I change the name of my blog?

Okay, I have been asked by a lot of people and if you follow my blog you’re probably wondering why did I change the name of my blog right? 

Well, if you are not living under a rock you've probably heard about "Machine Learning" and how it's changing everything we do. Therefore the new name "Go gaga over Testing  Machine Learning" , all the posts going ahead will be very much focused in this direction.
There is another reason "I love Alan Turing" :)
Machine learning applications have the potential to disrupt industries, take pioneers miles ahead of competitors, and even create new revenue channels. Because cloud-based analytics solutions have become affordable for startups, we already have hundreds of business success stories that have been written using the power of machine learning.
I haven’t officially changed the URL, so you will still type in go-gaga-over-testing.blogspot.com to access my site, but the name of the blog, logo, and some minor cosmetic makeover are underway.

Looking forward to a new year of Data Science and ML. 

Sources: http://techgenix.com/machine-learning-guide/


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