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What was once seen as a bottleneck will now become a ‘corkscrew’

One last blog post before the year ends and we start a new beginning in the testing world, this article sums up where testing is headed to!

Complexity, testing and its impact on innovation in 2018 Commercial industry has been fundamentally changed by digital technology. The most revolutionary organisations, like Uber and Netflix have shifted the goalposts, moving entire businesses online and introducing accessible, engaging and immersive consumer experiences. And, while tech innovation has historically happened at a discrete product or operational level, today it's taking place across an entire business - and beyond.

Machine Learning or Automation? Exactly my thoughts!

Perfect start to Monday! Quick read that syncs the idea of how AML would be used in shaping the future of software testing:
Machine Learning or Automation: What's the Difference? There's a lot of buzz in the tech industry, especially with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning becoming more mainstream. While many professionals understand that these technologies will make their jobs easier, or even take over certain tasks, there's also a lot of confusion: machine learning, automation - what's the difference between the two?

Top 10 CI systems with Git

GitHub welcomes all CI tools Continuous Integration ( CI) tools help you stick to your team's quality standards by running tests every time you push a new commit and reporting the results to a pull request. Combined with continuous delivery ( CD) tools, you can also test your code on multiple configurations, run additional performance tests, and automate every step until production.

Curated list of static analysis tools, linters and code quality checkers

Here is a curated list of static analysis tools, linters and code quality checkers for various programming languages:
C# Static code Analysis tools.NET Analyzers - An organization for the development of analyzers (diagnostics and code fixes) using the .NET Compiler Platform.Code Analysis Rule Collection - Contains a set of diagnostics, code fixes and refactorings built on the Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform "Roslyn".code-cracker - An analyzer library for C# and VB that uses Roslyn to produce refactorings, code analysis, and other niceties.CSharpEssentials - C# Essentials is a collection of Roslyn diagnostic analyzers, code fixes and refactorings that make it easy to work with C# 6 language features.Designite ©️ - Designite is a software design quality assessment tool. It supports detection of implementation and design smells, computation of various code quality metrics,…